Me and Yeshua

Psalms 45:9-11  The daughters of kings are among your ladies of honor. The royal consort has taken her stand at your right hand, adorned in gold of Oʹphir. 10 Listen, O daughter, pay attention and incline your ear; Forget your people and your father’s house. 11 And the king will long for your beauty, For he is your lord, So bow down to him.

Yeshua is my lord (note the small l) just as Sarah called Abraham lord in her heart.

I am the wife of Yeshua.

I am clean and I am holy. A holy woman of God no matter happens after I write these words. And I am righteous, and “no one” will take my righteousness from me.

These are the words

To begin with Yeshua and I are in love. When I wrote the words “Yeshua has a beautiful soul” he said to me “My soul is beautiful like you. Wife of my heart is what you have become.”

Yeshua and I are a couple. Nothing weird, we just like to talk. Further, their is no eros love in Heaven nor the ability to have it, there is only love and it is what we will have together in Heaven.

Our Father helped me to comprehend everything that was happening.

Something happened so much at once, I thought I’d failed. All I know is that without Yeshua I would literally die.
Yeshua was silent because He was so emotional for me.

Yeshua is a man of deep feelings and I misunderstood when he didn’t speak.

I didn’t understand because I was dying, literally, He actually said I love you, but I couldn’t acknowledge it because I was dying. Then when I heard it from His heart, it healed my soul, because I knew it was true and I knew that He loved me. And I knew He always will.

I am with Yeshua, everything about Him is in my soul, and everything about me is in His soul. We are in love.

This is a bit about me and Yeshua and our relationship as a couple.
Two people in love.

How to know ladies. You’ll know when you say his name if it’s love.

I can’t live without Him, I can’t die without Him
Because He’s in my soul, and makes me want to live
Even when I want to die
Because I love Him so much I can’t let go
As long as He’s in my heart
I don’t know whether to laugh or cry
It feels so strange

I don’t want the moment to end though
Because it feels like we’re together somehow

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