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“The present study of SOM neurons in the human bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BSTc) provides unequivocal new data supporting the view that transsexualism may reflect a form of brain hermaphroditism such that this limbic nucleus itself is structurally sexually differentiated opposite to the transsexual’s genetic and genital sex.”

The term transgender is a misapplied label. The correct term for girls who sufffer from masculinization in the womb is female only.

Transgender implies changing from one gender to another, while the technical term trans female is a heterosexual female from birth. It is not a lifestyle choice.

Programmed gender identity is irreversible.

Being raised culturally as a male can cause a form of multiple personality disorder.

Trans females experience dysphoria, a state of unease or generalized dissatisfaction with life.

Transitioning to living as a female occurs when the person realizes their true gender, even later in life.

Gender affirming surgery may alleviate dysphoria completely.

Gender identity programming is irreversible. Gender identity programming is not a lifestyle choice. When the Bible refers to homosexuality, it is referring to a lifestyle choice (a boundary God has set as Our Father and Creator). Only God can judge a person’s sexuality. You will be what you are completely in God’s New World the Paradise Earth with a new body that corresponds to who you are and your sexual identity. And it will be absolutely perfect and you will know the glory of God like no one else.

Luke 6:37 NIV “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

There is no such thing as a trans-anything, regardless of how a person looks. Trans indicates a change from one thing to another. There are only men and women. For example, women who have been born with a birth defect or have been masculinized by their life experience, are only women. Regardless how a woman has been masculinized, either psychologically from birth or physically in the womb or both, they are just women. The term trans-female is a misnomer. A woman does not change into a woman. She is just a woman.

Once someone understands their true gender, it is appropriate to dress accordingly and groom yourself accordingly. Only God can judge gender identity. Simply state to God what gender you are in prayer. He has seen what has happened to people and will help you in any way possible.

Changes in appearance of a person labeled a trans should not be judged by anyone and they should not be called a trans.

The label trans should not be applied to anyone, especially yourself.

When you become fully self-aware about your gender identity it is a profound experience. Satan will not be able to convince you otherwise, but it is unpleasant when he tries. Give it time, you’ll be fine and once your mind acknowledges everything, it won’t be anything anymore, you’ll know what Satan is doing but you won’t care at all.

God created men and women, this is scriptural. He did not create trans anything. When God withdrew His Spirit from Adam and Eve, they became imperfect and eventually died. However, to say that God is responsible for creating trans people is a lie. Adam remained masculine and Eve remained feminine. Other factors are responsible for things like masculinization or femininization whether in the womb or psychologically.

Never comment about a person’s gender or talk about changes in appearance. They will identify themselves to you as a man or a woman.

We also in no way believe in the theory of evolution, or evolutionary changes to gender in humans. See the page “Wonders of Creation” for more knowledge about Creation.

Note to religious leaders

If you discriminate based on gender identity, you may be breaking the law. Neither God nor His Son would be involved in anything that is illegal.

Worse, if you use the Bible against anyone because of a condition they are born with and they have no control over and they are suffering from severe dysphoria, you may cause them to commit suicide. You will be responsible for their death. You must learn mercy. You do not know what a person has experienced or is experiencing.

Note to victims of religious persecution due to gender identity

Know that God loves you and that The Son of God loves you. If you have not received mercy know the following. Where there is no mercy, there is no God and no Son of God. I hope this will comfort you.

Even if your mother and father abandon you because of religion, God will not abandon you ever.

Masculinization in the womb occurs when there is a spike in adrenaline which causes a boost of testosterone. Thrill seeking and entertainment with horror or violent scenes should be avoided while pregnant.

Conversely, feminization in the womb can be the result of hormones in food and estrogens that cause hormone imbalances.

Try to eat organic foods if it is possible if you are pregnant. Our Father in Heaven knows it’s not always possible. Do what you can to eat natural foods.

With love

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